Subdivision Plats and Replats

Both private land owners and developers of large tracts of land may find the option for subdividing or replatting their land an attractive, or necessary, option. Any subdivision or replat begins with a monumented land survey of the subject property. That information is then used to create new lot lines, whether it is for a subdivision with hundreds of lots or a change in location of a single lot line between two existing lots. Land developers choose to subdivide land in order to take that land to a higher use. Some people would argue whether developing a tract of undisturbed land actually equates to higher use, but it is important to remember that this term is purely economical and means that the activity increases the value of the land. Subdivisions of land take place for residential use, public / non-profit use and commercial use, and in some cases have lots and zoning for all of these uses. Land owners may want to replat their land for numerous reasons. In some cases, neighbors purchase a vacant lot lying between their two lots and have all three lots replatted into two lots for the purpose of increasing their overall lot size and preventing new construction and overcrowding. In other cases, a land owner has discovered that new construction has resulted in an encroachment on an adjoiner’s lot or into a setback and they must move the existing lot line so that the new construction no longer encroaches. In all of these cases, the survey and platting is done under the auspices of the municipality wherein the land lies. The subdivision plat or replat must be in compliance with the requirements of the subject municipality and the laws of the State of Colorado. In some cases, either because of State laws or the requirements dictated by the municipality, the desired plat or replat may not be allowed. In addition, not only does the municipality issue requirements for any plat or replat, it also collects fees for these activities. Land owners need to be aware that there will be fees paid to a municipality in conjunction with a plat or replat of their land.