Drone Aerial Topographic Surveys

Drone aerial topographic surveys are undertaken for larger tracts of land where it is not cost effective to do the topo by conventional means. However, our role as the land surveyor is critical to the accuracy of the aerial topo. Aerial panels have to be placed on the ground and become reference points for the mapping of the aerial topo. Then a drone is used in coordination with the coordinates and elevations of the panels in extrapolating the contours of the topo. In addition, the land surveyor ties the location of property corners in the area so that the topo can be properly mapped in relation to the property lines of the parcel.  With the drone, it is possible to maintain our high quality for accuracy, but in a fraction of the time.

Notice to concerned community members:

While we are serving our community, we sometimes use a drone.  Our pilot is trained and licensed through the FAA like any other pilot.  We follow the strict guidelines set by the FAA, the laws set by the State of Colorado, and all local ordinances that effect any particular job.  If there are any issues during our operations, please contact us. Drone complaints, questions, or Public Comments should be directed to our Public Relations Officerl Designated Public Relations Officer – Nathan West – [email protected] – 479-305-1741