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Monumented Land Surveys and Land Survey Plats

A monumented land survey requires a thorough search for existing monuments that define the boundary of the subject parcel as well as the adjoining parcels.


Improvement Survey Plat

An Improvement Survey Plat is similar to a Monumented Land Survey with the addition of locating all existing improvements on the parcel.


ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

An ALTA survey is the most detailed form of survey available. ALTA’s are generally used in the transfer of ownership of commercial property, but may be used in other situations as well.

Site Plans

Site plans are prepared as part of the application for a building permit. Please be aware that, due to issues that have arisen relating to stormwater control, the requirements for construction and site plans have changed dramatically in recent years.

Rampart Surveys, LLC

Established in June 1997 by Kevin Lloyd, PLS. Kevin began working in the field of Land Surveying in 1975 and earned his Colorado PLS license in 1990. His background includes all aspects of land surveying applicable to our service area, which allows Kevin to provide high quality service and support to his clients, whatever their surveying needs may be.

Rampart Surveys, Inc. was sold to Eric Simonson and Russ Wood on January 3rd, 2018 and re-established as Rampart Surveys, LLC. Eric and Russ were both long-term employees of Inc., and Kevin is staying on for a period of time to assist as needed.